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Secure e-commerce

Redsys’ secure e-commerce platform, based on a three domain model (3D Secure technology), offers a wide range of payment and authentication solutions for on-line mode shopping. This solution covers the whole purchase process, from the moment the cardholder accesses the merchant‘s website to the payment authorization process and throughout the client’s authentication.
For Cardholders
Redsys processes 6.3 million internet store purchases each month. An operation of this level can only be sustainable with the best and most reliable security and processing systems.


Redsys has one of the FASTEST, SAFEST AND ADVANCED e-commerce platforms of the industry. As pioneers in the on-line shopping business, Redsys was a finalist in the prestigious Cartes 2002 Awards for the innovation and effectiveness of its Secure Authentication System (SAS).


The Secure Authentication System is a consolidated solution to offer cardholders SECURE AUTHENTICATED PAYMENTS when shopping on-line, with a wide choice of methods. Hence, the financial institution is able to choose the most suitable one for its business and generate CONFIDENCE for its clients.


Redsys makes web card payments comfortable and secure.
Based on a 3D secure standard, SAS allows issuers and acquirers to authenticate their cardholders and merchants, and a common protocol ensures interoperability between them.


The service includes, among other traits:


  • High availability 24/7
  • Parametrization and screen personalization according to the financial institution’s desire  (texts, logos ...)
  • Range registration with international brands.
  • Implementations and customized developments


The authentication methods offered by Redsys are the following:

  • One Time Password (OTP): a code is sent to the cardholder's mobile via SMS (sent and validated by Redsys). This code is of a single-use only and perishable.
  • CIP (Personal Identification Code): the cardholder is requested a code which is associated with his/her card (Redsys provides the registration process)
  • CIP (Personal Identification Code) + PAM (Personal Assurance Message): Similar to the CIP process plus the requirement of a personal message previously registered by the cardholder.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): The cardholder receives a phone call informing him/her of the amount, and a code is requested.
  • Virtual Banking Service: The cardholder is redirected the bank’s website where he/she must proceed accordingly. SAS validates that the reply is from the bank.
  • PIN Standard method: The cardholder is requested his/her card PIN.


In addition to:  the Warning Screen Service, ADS (Activation During Shopping) + PIN authentication + registration + PIN + Tax ID.


For Merchants
Internet commerce is experiencing an endless growth. Stores today require web presence to keep selling MORE AND BETTER, breaking physical barriers.


Redsys offers acquirers, merchants and payment gateways, the IDEAL PLATFORM for accepting on-line card payments: Redsys’ Integrated Server (SIS).


More than 35,000 e-commerce sites benefit daily from the Integrated Server and its advantages. There is no better possible indicator of this.


The integrated system offers, a part from others, the following advantages:
  • Authentication Management
  • Authorization Request
  • The benefit of automations  and internal processes  (stock control, seat reservations, accounting ...)
  • Possbilities of customized developments and implementations.
  • Image Personalization (screens, logos ...) at financial institution and commerce levels.




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