Contact Center Support

Redsys’ Contact Center awarded with prestigious prizes for its QUALITY, offers merchants, cardholders and member institutions, a 24 hours a day integrated support service.

Back Office Management

With Redsys, financial institutions can forget about the heavy and complicated back office management administration tasks. We provide solutions for our financial institutions and their clients, undertaking all the burden of cardholder and merchant claims.

Otros Servicios


Redsys offers its clients a full set of powerful information tools. These allow to consult and to manage via the Internet, different types of information related to card services, operations, fraud, ATMs and terminals.
In addition to specific tools, our clients can request ad-hoc reports with particular requirements of what is needed.

Otros Servicios


In the chip technology field and its application in cards, Redsys is still working on the evolution of Advantis. A set of smart card operating systems, offering financial institutions the technology that will allow them to define the applications and product ranges (Visa and MasterCard) they wish to offer clients.

Redsys makes its resources available to new Advantis card pre-personalizers and personalizers with the objective of accelerating the "time-to-market" of the card.

Moreover, we offer other services to validate that the pre-personalizer and/or personalizer is prepared to issue Advantis cards according to proposed standards.