About us

We offer quality payment system services; secure, flexible, innovative, efficient and sustainable in time that make us competitive in the markets in which we serve our clients.

As a leading national and international reference, Redsys has created a variety of standards and technological-operational solutions for financial institutions and other major industry players, both in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

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Financial Entities

We develop business for the benefit of clients and end users: payment processing, transaction security, terminal management, support and consultancy services, R & D + I, customized developments, certifications, etc.

Card issuance and related services, are one of the cornerstones of the payment system’ business. With its wide assortment of services Redsys covers all requirements in this area.

Redsys covers all services acquirer, issuing and processing for entities.

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Redsys has one of the most EFFICIENT, SECURE and ADVANCED e-commerce platforms in the industry. Offering the most simple, direct and fast integration for merchants.

Direct and quick, once the cardholder selects the payment method, the merchant only requires forwarding a web application form to the Redsys server, containing the data of the merchant and the transaction. The system manages the flow of the transaction for each payment option chosen.

Our payment gateway is developed under the standards and specifications of international brands (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, J-Secure ...), which ensures its reliability.

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Digital payments

In recent years Redsys has devised solutions for payments systems that millions of people use to this day.

When you receive an SMS or a Push notification after a purchase, perform the payment of your purchase on a mobile terminal, or pay with your card in an e-commerce or use your digital wallet to pay, Redsys is there to give you the service.

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Healthcare Sector

Among the services that Redsys provides its clients, worth highlighting are those offered to healthcare business representatives; healthcare insurance companies, medical professionals, laboratories, medical centers, etc. We are currently offering technology and consulting services to 18 healthcare companies.

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With over more than twelve years of proven experience, Redsys Laboratory is an independent organization acknowledged by the major international brands that have delegated in us the implementation and validation of their different acquiring solutions, ensuring:

  • Adequate technical and operational connection with Redsys systems and other networks
  • Operational Integrity of Services
  • Correct functioning under existing national and international regulations in force
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Other services

Redsys not only provides the COMPLETE chain value in payment system transactions, but also provides an ample catalogue of technological related services.

  • VIP Card Service
  • Payment Management
  • Promotional campaigns and automated discounts
  • ATM personalized informative messages
  • Account Management
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In this section, available free of charge, you will find executable modules for the integration of Redsys payment gateway (Virtual POS) in virtual web stores that have been developed under WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, OsCommerce, OpenCart, VirtueMart or ZenCart,. And also available, are the integration assistance libraries (APIs).
Please read the conditions of use carefully

Download v.3.0.4

Download v.3.0.4

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.2

Download v.3.0.2

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

Download v.3.0.1

REDIRECTED INTEGRATION API JAVA Versión 1.3 (NOTE: webservice included)
API NET (NOTE: webservice included)


Access from "download" button to TPV manuals section, insert your commerce number, look for you TPV model and download the manual



Hiring new services:

Redsys is a company that offers its services to financial entities, these being the ones that formalize the contracts with the merchants and which, consequently, are in charge of all aspects related to their management.

To contract any service you must contact an entity of your choice. The list of our partner organizations can be found in the section 'About us / Our partners'.

We suggest that you visit the websites of the different banks and a branch of the entity that you choose, for more detailed information

In order to have any of our services it is necessary to contract them with a financial institution, but if the service you need has any singularity, we can provide you with more detailed guidance through the following e-mail box:


If you are a prospective international partner, client or user, or if you represent an international organisation looking for more information about our company and services, you can contact our International team:


For any other information, please contact us::

902 090 786



For any clarification about the service you must contact the entity with which you have hired it or our Virtual POS service:

902 106 223

Any type of incident or doubt that you have about the use of the terminals should be brought to the direct knowledge of the entity you have signed the contract with, which, through its central means of payment, may resolve any doubts or problems that may arise.

If it is a simple fault, the technical assistance telephone number must appear in the terminal; otherwise, the phone to report breakdowns depends on the entity with which you have contracted the terminal:

902 200 050

Please note that financial entities, as owners of the cards they issue, formalize the contracts with the holders and the merchants and which, consequently, are in charge of authorizing or denying operations, making the charges and retrocessions in their accounts and all aspects related to its management.

Any type of incident that arises from the use of the card must be brought to the attention of the entity with which you have signed the contract, which, through its central for means of payment, will be responsible for reviewing, investigating and solving the problems raised with the use of such card.

In case of card theft or loss, through our customer service center with 24-hour service, the appropriate blocking can be made:

902 192 100

For any clarification about this service, you must contact the bank with which you have contracted or with our POS_PC / MPOS Support service.

902 090 440